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Jet Ski

Rent, if you dare!

Are you ready to explore the Gulf of Kalamata? There is always so much to see, and you can indeed see it all when you book a ride with Jet Ski.  Whether you are looking for an adventure during your vacation or a fun day in the sun with friends, you’ll have the time of your life. Rent Jet Ski with driver or by your own (boat or jet ski driving license is obligated) and the day is gonna be fantastic! You have an option to make a ride with Jet Ski with one passenger without additional fees. Also, we offer comfy life vests for riders, and  personal orientation classes and tips to help you get best with the wheel. During cooler weather, we also offer complimentary wet suits to keep you comfortable on your ride! So, what are you waiting for? Its your Jet ski near by!

Boat or jet ski license are obligated

Must be at least 18 years old
Lifejacket (Wet suit optional)
Coach instructions before going in the water
Accompanied by driver
15’/30’ session