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sup & megasup

Balance and glide!

SUP (stand up paddling) is really popular exercise in the morning when the sea is calm down and there are not so many people. We will give you exactly instructions on the beach, so you will find the balance really easily and gonna enjoy amazing exercise. We offer you two types SUP according your experience, speed one or more stable one. Besides, you are able to enjoy this exercise with all of your family together with Mega SUP. It is big 5 meters SUP holds close to 7 people. You can rent it for more than hour to have a lot of fun and amazing work out together. The technic is the totally the same like single SUP, so you are able to enjoy it with your friends. You can book Mega SUP online or come to our spot directly in our working hours.

Life jackets
Coach instructions before going in the water
Anytime Assistance
Riding up to 300 meters from beach


Synonyms: megaSUP, family SUP, big SUP