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Popular water activities in Greece. Top 5

For so many years working, we see every season guests preferences among watersports activities. We are going to show you top water activities into the sea, that are popular in Greece during the summer season.

5. SUP (Σανίδα sup)

SUP ride is very popular water activity. Plus, nowadays you can try it as in calm weather, make it like a morning session. Or, it can be ride on waves. Different levels of complexity and extra boosts make it really  varied.

4. Waterski (Θαλάσσιο σκι)

Classic waterski session is always in-trend. So many guests want to try it unlist once, cause the feelings are incredible. Also, it is already another level od sport, and everybody can be a part of it. Notice, that here you have to pass unlist couple of sessions, to start to enjoy it trully.

3. Sea bike or Pedal boat (Θαλάσσιο ποδήλατο)

Again, the classic watersports activity is Pedal boat. Perfect choice for family with kids, big groups, couples, teens and basically everybody. Its save, have a nice slider and also a good exercise, if you would like to. 

2. Ringos, inflatable tubes (Φουσκωτά παιχνίδια)

What can be more fan when a fantastic ride with ringos? It is iconic in watersports and very known activity. Usually, it is a short ride, but the most memorable and funny. You are making choice, to go for more extreme ride, or less. Tubes variety is huge, so it makes it more and more exciting. Also, always you have the best summer videos and photos. 

1. Jet Ski

Jet Ski is a diamond in watersports through many many years. It is extreme, very exciting water activity. Still, it is the most popular and famous. It suits extreme ride and also nice way for short trips. Nowadays, it is more restricted about renting Jet Ski, that’s why sometimes it is easier to take it with driver.

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