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On gear...Go !

Are you ready to try your first water skiing or want to increase your experience in higher level? Boat is ready to drive each of you for skiing and get extremely amazing work out. We are ready to offer you double ski lessons whatever level you are. If you have some experience, we offer to try a monoski, which is the highest water skiing level. Also, we make waterski lessons for kids up to 7 years old with special equipment, so they are able not be scared for the first water skiing.

It is exiting exercise for all the family, because you are able to do it together, be in the boat and make quick pictures each ride (maximum 4 passengers per trip). Bring your friends and family to make skiing on the water, cause you have to try it at least once in your life, we promise u will never be disappointed. You can book waterski lessons online or come to our spot directly in our working hours.

Life jackets
Max weight 350lbs
Coach instructions before going in the water
Safety equipment provided