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Surf and Sail

Windsurfing is fantastic watersports activity, which is common to say as a combination of sailing and surfing. Together it gives totally unique feeling of riding and flying the same time. With the power of the wind you are able to cross waves and take unbelievable speed. Here works all your body cause windsurfing activates all muscles, makes them work. We provide land lessons and coaching into the water. Each session takes around 1 hour, includes all tips and brakes, if needed.

For reservation, please contact us and we gonna arrange the best time, cause of the weather conditions

We are going to inform you about all safety instruction before going into the water. You have to be sure, that you are ready to stay to the deep water alone (otherwise inform us bout it). 1 session can be split for two.

Must be at least 12 years old
Coach instructions before going in the water
Accompanied by coach
60’ session